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Les Extraits


  • Il existe 10 types d'extrait: Pierre (Rock), Bois (Wood), Vers (Worm), Grain, Grass, Fruit, Végétale, Minéral, Poisson (Fish), et Grey.
    • Le type dépend de la température à laquelle il est extrait dans l'alambic: les extraits de type Rock seront extrait à très faible température, ceux de type Grey à la plus haute
  • Les extrait sont également classifiés par leur degré de pureté: Râ, Vie, Air, Feu, Eau et Terre (plus plus pur au moins pur).
    • Le degré de pureté apparait dans le cercle représentant le Pot de l'alambic.
    • Une association d'extrait pur donnera plus d'Essence qu'une association d'extrait moins pur.
    • Le type grey est également considéré comme un degré de pureté, un type Grey sera forcément de pureté Grey est vice versa.

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  • Le type Grass se trouve juste au dessus de Grain, un demi carreau seulement.

Breuvage de départ

  • Les vins ou bières sont composé d'extraits de toutes sortes mais ont une plage plus importante sur certains:
    • Les vins avec de haut taux de sucre résiduel sont utilisés pour faire des extraits Végétale, Minéral, et Fish.
    • Les vins avec de haut Tannin sont utilisés pour faire des extraits de Bois, Vers et Grain.
    • Les bières sont utilisés pour faire des extraits de Rock et peuvent également convenir pour des extraits de Bois, Vers et Grain.

Observations des joueurs

  • Note from Hekatef: Fruit Spirits of Earth are possible, through patient distilling of beer and wine simultaneously. I did it by taking 1 unit of Grain Spirits from beer, then adding wine and carefully distilling from the Vegetable range. This yields Grey Spirits at first, but as more Vegetable Spirits are added to the mix, the purity improves again. It took a lot of time, a few tries and several wines, but I was able to distill Fruit Spirits of Earth from Vegetable and a little bit of Grain. Don't know yet whether Grass Spirits can be synthesized in a similar fashion, but I'll update if I am successful.
  • Note from Solaris: Grass Spirits of Earth are possible in a similar manner although somewhat harder. However I found a method that has almost guaranteed succes. First, add tannin wine or beer with combined Pot about 20 times the number of grass spirits you require. Then add a bit of sugar wine. Set the flow to minimum and raise temperature to above grain, then 'dump just the distillate'. Now you need to make a lot of grain of life in the following way: Whenever the temperature is below the 7th line on the temperature scale, raise temperature. Whenever the temperature is at or above the line, lower temperature. Slowly but steadily you will get grain of life. DO NOT compromise to speed up the process, or you will most likely fail. When you have enough spirits, lower flow a bit and raise temperature to the 8th line on the temperature scale. Whenever the temperature is above the line, lower temperature. Whenever it is at or below the line, raise temperature. This will slowly raise the spirit marker to grass while lowering quality. When you reach grass, get the spirits. If the spirits turn grey, lower temperature to get more grain spirits using the same method as you used in the beginning.
    • I have managed Grass Spirits of Earth with this method, with the only difference being I used the lower quality Grain of Air instead of the Grain of Life called for in Solaris's description above. - Myn 08:59, 14 June 2012 (EST)
  • Another note from Solaris: The type of beer you use dont matter AT ALL for the spirits you get, so make it with as few ingredients as possible (a yeast with low maltose floor and glucose floor is good for this purpose). Always use many beers at once (preferably 8 or more) as it will drastically increase the resulting number of spirits you get per beer.


  • Voir le guide sur la Chimie pratique pour plus d'information sur l'utilisation des Extraits.

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