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Apostles of Bastet/Skills

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Table of Knowledge and Abilities

Lists what we can and can't do, in terms of interest and ability. Please feel free to add your skills to the table so that we all know whom to ask when we have questions about something.

Ability Kanixihk Axhakumu Vax Larame Chet Bryce Qazedsaw WilliamRoberts
Acoustics Lab
Alembic (spirits) Good Fair
Alloys (Reactory) Good No
Ash making Yes Macro Leeks
Beer making Expert
Barrel making Macro
Blacksmithing (Springs) Ok Ok
Blacksmithing (Other) Macro
Charcoal Macro No Macro
Chemistry Interested Good Interested
Cooking Good
Fishing Good Macro
Gearboxes Ok Good Ok Good
Gem cutting Ok Ok Good
Genetics Expert
Glass Blowing Ok
Glass Making Good Good Macro
Incense Not bad
Ore Mining Good Good Macro
Metal Treatment Good
Paint Good Expert
Prospecting (Marble) Good Good Ok
Silk Good
Wood Treatment Good Ok
Wine making Good
Wiki Formating Good Good Good

Brief Table of Player Skills

This table lists currently (or imminently) available skills possessed by guild members, particularly those which are likely to be helpful to the guild and its members.

Please update the table with your skill information.  If you feel any appropriate skill is missing from this list, feel free to add it.

Skill Kanixihk Axhakumu Vax Larame Chet Bryce Qazedsaw WilliamRoberts
Desiccation 3
Carving 3 5 2
Salvage Techniques 5 4
Sheet Glass Fabrication 7
Structure Maintenance 1
Structure Repair 5 1
Mechanics 3
Botanical Identification 1
Cooking 4 3 3 2
Rhythmic Strength 7 7
Project Management 1 2
Arthropodology 4 4 4 6 4
Fly Tying 1 2 3 1
Fly Fishing 1 1 1
Foraging 2 1 2 2 2

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