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Citizenship Walkthrough

Step 1 - Location, Location, Location

Get thee to an area with both a School of Architecture and a School of Art. Hit your F3 key. Do you see an S Arch and S Art (indicated by a red dot) near your arrow icon (indicated by a oxblood arrow in the center of the map)? If not, you need to either use one of your free starting location teleports to someone who is or find a Chariot (also indicated on your F3 map) and head to Four Corners (can be reached from the Midland Valley Chariot Stop.)

Above: Your F3 in-game map (you are the arrow)

Above: A Chariot Stop

Step 1 Logistics

Still can't find where to go? You can chat a friend or me (Dreasimy) by typing /chat Dreasimy (or insert the name of your friend in place of 'Dreasimy'). Don't know anyone? Type "/join L2PBS" without the quotes. This is a global, moderated chat. Click on that tab and type that you need to get to a good location for Citizenship with a School of Arch and Art. You can usually find someone to 'teleport' to this way, or someone will come rescue you wherever you had the misfortune to start the game so far from everything useful.

Step 2 - The Checklist Begins

OK hopefully you are now in a good place to complete the Citizenship tab in the lower left corner of your screen. It is a laundry list of things you MUST do to attain level 1 and begin your career as an Egyptian citizen. Below is a streamlined list of what to do:

A - Collect 50 Slate

Collect 50 Slate. This is found by walking to the edge of a body of water and inch around along the shoreline until you see an icon in the top corner of your screen that depicts a hammer and a little bit of stone. If that icon is showing stand still and click it. This will let you pick up 1 slate. Keep moving until you see another Slate icon, stop, click, rinse repeat until you have 50 slate in your inventory (Items Tab). This is arguably the least fun part of citizenship, get it over with! :D

    Pro Tip: Walk, don't run. Click your Avatar>Emote>Gait: Walking this puts your toon in walking mode which some folks 
    find it easier to collect slate. Whether running or walking, right clicking your mouse will stop you mid-stride which helps 
    when you need to stop immediately because you walked onto a slate spot. To get back into normal running mode  
    Click your Avatar>Emote>Gait: Running

B - Collect 60 Wood

Collect 60 wood by walking up to every tree you see and clicking on it. Select the button to Gather Wood from the tree. If you want to eliminate that button push, click your avatar then select Options > One Click and Related > Check the box for Fast Gather wood from trees.

C - Learn Stone Blade Fabrication

Go to the School of Architecture and learn the skill Stone Blade Fabrication (this costs you 7 of your slate.)

D - Make Stone Blades

Now you can attempt to turn 38 of your slate into stone blades by clicking your avatar > Skills > Forge Stone Blade over and over until you have used up ALL BUT 4 of your slate.

E - Learn Carpentry

Now go back to the School of Architecture and learn the skill Carpentry

F - Build your first Building & Make Some Boards

At this point, it's important to note that Egypt is a big place with lots of room. People won't thank you for building a wood plane or
other stuff in the middle of what they have developed as their 'camp'. Even though the items you build while completing your Citizenship
tasks are meant to be temporary, to avoid conflict, it's best to try to build away from other people's stuff. 

With that in mind, go to a spot near water and build a Wood Plane (Click your avatar>Projects>Build a Wood Plane.) The water isn't relevant to wood planes but you will need water later on and you might as well keep all your buildings in one place.

Plane all but 10 pieces of wood into Boards.

G - Collect 46 Grass

Find yourself some green grass and run around on it, clicking the Grass Icon in the top corner of your screen.

H - Dry Grass into Straw

Drop your grass on the ground and wait for it to change color from green to tan. This means it has finished turning into Straw. Larger piles of grass take longer to dry. (Click your avatar > Drop > Grass > Select how much grass you wish to drop in this pile.) It takes approximately 4 minutes to dry a pile of 46 grass on the ground.

I - Learn Brick Rack Construction at School of Architecture

Costs 4 boards

J - Build your first Brick Rack

Head back to your wood plane and build yourself a brick rack (or more if you prefer a mass production approach to brick making) Make 136 Bricks ( To be continued!

To accomplish these tasks, you will need to collect the following materials. (Some of the amounts vary depending on the breakage rate of your plane and brick rack

K - Gather Sand and Mud

SandIcon.png MudIcon.png
You need 23 Sand and 69 Mud (found near water's edge) to make your 136 Bricks.

L - Make 136 Bricks

With your 23 Sand, 46 Straw, and 69 Mud, keep making bricks on your brick rack until you have 136 Bricks.

M - Get Flax Seeds from School of Art

Just click the building and select Supplies > Ask for some flax seeds

N - Plant Flax Seeds and let them go WILD!

Click your avatar > Plant > Flax Seeds. Now watch your Flax Bed. After awhile you will see yellow weeds appear. Since this planting is for going WILD do not do anything with it just now. Those are weeds and since you are letting this planting go to 'seed' so you can harvest more seeds from it, you don't want to 'weed' this particular bed of flax. Once you've passed the point where you could have weeded it, you will start getting the option to Harvest Seeds from the Flax Bed. You may then harvest seeds from the flax up to 5 times before it finally dies. When the plant dies, it will leave more seeds on the ground. It takes 1 Teppy Minute (about 1m 07s real time) for the Harvest option to reappear after harvesting a seed. For more on Flax go here: Flax. You need 41 Flax Seeds so keep growing flax for seeds in this manner (and/or keep asking the School of Art for seeds) until you have 41.

O - Plant Flax Seeds for Fiber

Now it's time to plant flax and weed it before it goes to seed. For more on Flax planting go here: Flax. Keep planting until you have 20 flax.

P - Learn Flax Processing from the School of Art

Turn in your 20 flax at the Schoool of Art for Flax Processing. Continue to plant flax until you have another 21 Flax.

Q - Rot Flax in Water

Head to the water's edge and click your avatar > Skills > Rot Flax in Water > (Rot all 21 of it.) This will put a buoy of flax in the water with a red flag on it. Once the flag turns white it is done rotting and you can gather it.

R - Learn Clothworking at School of Art

Pay 20 Rotten Flax at the School of Art to learn the skill Clothworking.

S - Gather 60 Thorns

Gather Thorns from Thorn-bearing plants. To find thorns, just click on different plants until you find some that have the 'Gather Thorns' option and keep collecting thorns until you have about 60.

T - Build your Flax Comb

Head back to your home base where your other buildings are and build yourself a Flax Comb (click your avatar > Projects > Flax Related... > Build a Flax Comb)

U - Process your 1 Rotten Flax on Flax Comb

Use your Flax Comb until you make Tow. Remove the Tow from the Flax Comb.

V - Build a Small Distaff

Build a Small Distaff by clicking your Avatar > Projects > Flax Related > Build a Small Distaff

W - Spin Tow into Twine on your Distaff

Click the Small Distaff > Load the Distaff with Tow > Start Spinning Tow into Twine

Step 3 - Clean up!

Time to tear down all these contraptions you've built to make room for the next newbie! Once you tear down your Wood Plane you will be done and can begin you illustrious career as an Egyptian Citizen! Congratulations!