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Midland valley aqua team

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Midland Valley Aqua Team Aquaduct Project

MVAT is a regional guild dedicated solely to the construction, maintenance and expansion of a public Aqueduct across Midland Valley, and possibly other outlying areas, for the Test of Life.

Guild elders are dedicated to the coordination and oversight of the guild and it's project. Please contact any elder to discuss.

Elders: Korrin, truanna, Fez

We have set up a Guild Hall at 904, 4904 by the CS.

Pump site is 959,4630, just south of Pished Hermits

There is a CP with many huge chests in to accommodate all materials we need situated at the pump site. Please consider dropping there rather than at the GH. Thanks

Membership is open to people from any and all regions who wish to build a tower on the line.

All are welcome to join for free, though bricks and boards (for expansion of guild) are appreciated. You will however, be required to provide your own tower mats. Chat an elder if you need help. We will spin your cisterns and pipes for you, providing you give us the clay and wood.

All donations to the Aqueduct System are welcome you don't need the test to join, you can join to just help out and to prep for when you do have test. This is a Regional guild, consider joining this huge project.

Midland Valley Aqua Team - Builders on the line, in ALPHABETICAL order only

The following people are members of the MVAT and will be guaranteed one of the first 20 spots. Actual spots on the line have not yet been determined. If you wish to join the line, please chat an Elder or simply apply for membership at MVAT. People who donate to the pump will receive early spots. Once the pump is up, it will go on a first come, first served basis.

Arame - Member
Ay - member
Dreasimy - Patriarch
Duncan - Patriarch
Etma - Member
Fez- Elder
Groseth - Patriarch
Kirean- Patriarch
Korrin - Elder
Payna - Member
Rahu - Member
Shiranai - Patriarch
truanna - Elder
Zaniac - Patriarch
Hekatef - Member

Test of Life

Benefits for having a Regional Aquaduct System

In addition to being a test pass, there were Four major benefits to having an Aqueduct System.

  • The Vegetable Bonus - Near various towers there is a triple yield vegetable harvests bonus area. Veggies are grown here just like any other place, you just get 3 times as many when you harvest them.
  • Growing Herbs - Herb seeds can only be planted near some aqueduct towers.
  • The Attribute Bonus - You can drink from a tower and will get a 24 teppyhour (~27 RL hrs) +3 boost to a single attribute. The attribute boosted is in addition to permanent stats and in addition to food. This is especially useful when your Strength and Dexterity are not the same and you can drink to boost the lower stat to have 500 more carry.
  • Moss Growth - A different varieties of moss grow at each tower. Moss is used for other tests and for monuments.


Build an Aqueduct Tower that provides life-giving water to the arid desert. Vegetable growth assistance is tallied weekly.

  • Build an Aqueduct Tower
  • Raise the height of any Aqueduct Tower
  • Pump an Aqueduct
  • Use an Aqueduct to fill Jugs
  • Use an Aqueduct to grow Vegetables
  • Assist in growing 1000 Vegetable Harvests (Updated Weekly)

Test of Life and Points

To pass the Test of Life (or the principle), you need to get "points" for veggies grown. You will get 1 point for every harvest (not veggie) completed at your tower, or at a tower further down the line than yours. Accumulating points at every tower upstream, so as a group effort we will grow veggies at the LAST tower in the chain to maximize points for everyone.

Construction Costs

Tower Building

Aquaduct Towers

Everyone will want to build a tower. The more people who build a tower, the better for everyone. Here is what YOU must do if you build a tower:

  • Collect all materials required for a tower
  • Build your tower along the designated path, talk to the guild elders for position as a route has been planned.
  • Do a veggie test at your tower (to see if it's a bonus tower or not)
  • Complete 1000 harvests at the LAST tower in the chain.

Completing this at the last tower will complete your principle, but will also maximise the points the project as a whole gets an helps the test passes.

Tower Construction Costs

Towers are built in a similar way as pumps. The construction tool will note how far away from a suitable location you are. You must be within 8 feet of a suitable location in order to place a construction site. See below for our specified build locations. Once placed, the construction site still may not work if it's not placed close enough to a pump or a connecting tower (it will say this and not let you add materials).

Tower Raising costs

Tower raising cost To reach level N from level 0:

   * 2000 + (50 * N) bricks
   * 2 * N concrete
   * Round(1.5 * N) cut stone (rounded up)
   * 5 + ( N / 50 ) pipe segments

WANT TO BUILD A TOWER? Contact one of the guild elders if you'd like to build a tower. There is a specific route we want to follow so if you start building anywhere there is a chance your tower will not be in the final route and benefit from the chained points.

Built Tower Path

This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages
Map Data Maps/Test of Life/MV

Tower Legend

Str markerDotRd.png Dex markerDotPk.png End markerDotGr.png Spd markerDotOr.png Cabbage markerPinWhB.png Carrot markerPinWhR.png Cucumber markerPinWhU.png Eggplant markerPinWhE.png Garlic markerPinWhG.png
Con markerDotLb.png Foc markerDotBl.png Per markerDotPu.png Future markerDotWh.png Leeks markerPinWhL.png Onions markerPinWhO.png Peppers markerPinWhP.png Watermelon markerPinWhW.png Multiple markerPinWhstar.png Pump markerPinWhcircle.png

Tower Locations

Tower Co-ordinates Builder Stats increase Veggie Bonuses Herb Style Terrain
Tower 1 970, 4622 Fez Perception No Bonus None (All Tested) Sand, Grass
Tower 2 990, 4622 Zaniac Speed No Bonus NOT:1 Sand, Grass
Tower 3 1100, 4622 Orchid Speed No Bonus NOT:1 Sand, Grass
Tower 4 1030, 4622 Payna Endurance 3x Carrot NOT:1 Grass
Tower 5 1040, 4605 Truanna Speed 3x Watermelon* NOT:1 Grass
Tower 6 1050, 4587 Duncan Endurance No Bonus NOT:12,1 Grass
Tower 6A 1040, 4570 Fez Constitution 3x Cucumber* NOT:1 Grass
Tower 6B 1060, 4570 Fez Endurance No Bonus NOT: Grass
Tower 7 1070, 4587 Korrin Dexterity No Bonus NOT:12,1 Grass
Tower 8 1090, 4587 Dreasimy Strength 3x Carrot None (All Tested) Grass
Tower 8A 1080, 4570 Fez Strength 3x Cabbage NOT: Grass
Tower 8B 1100, 4570 Fez Speed No Bonus NOT: Grass
Tower 9 1110, 4587 Etma Speed 3x Watermelon* NOT:1,4,9,10,12 Grass, Dirt
Tower 10 1130, 4588 Shiranai Strength No Bonus NOT:1,4,9,10,12 Grass, Dirt
Tower 11 1140, 4605 Sune Strength No Bonus NOT:1,4,9,10,12 Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 12 1130, 4622 Tamah Constitution 3x Leeks NOT:1,4,9,10,12 Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 13 1120, 4640 Ay Speed No Bonus None (All Tested) Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 14 1130, 4656 Aurens Endurance No Bonus NOT:1,4,9,10,12 Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 15 1110, 4656 Poreses Speed No Bonus NOT:12 Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 16 1100, 4674 Ekibe Focus No Bonus NOT:12 Grass, Dirt
Tower 17 1090, 4692 Zaniac Constitution 3x Cucumber* NOT: Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 18 1080, 4710 Hekatef Perception No Bonus NOT: Sand
Tower 19 1100, 4710 merek Perception No Bonus NOT: Grass, Dirt
Tower 20 1120, 4710 Marrick Endurance 3x Carrots NOT: Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 21 1130, 4726 Fez Perception No Bonus NOT: Sand
Tower 22 1120, 4742 Fez Constitution No Bonus NOT: Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 23 1110, 4760 Fez Dexterity No Bonus NOT: Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 24 1100, 4778 Fez Perception No Bonus NOT: Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 25 1090, 4795 Climse Focus 3x Cabbage NOT: Sand, Grass
Tower 26 1080, 4812 Fez Perception NOT: Sand, Grass
Tower 27 1090, 4830 Fez Focus NOT: Sand, Grass
Tower 28 1100, 4848 Fez Strength NOT: Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 29 1090, 4864 Fez Strength NOT: Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 30 1080, 4882 Fez Strength NOT: Sand, Grass, Dirt
Tower 31 1060, 4882 Fez Focus NOT: Grass, Dirt
Tower 32 1040, 4882 Fez Constitution NOT: Grass
Tower 33 1020, 4882 Fez Endurance NOT: Grass
Tower 34 1000, 4882 Fez Speed NOT: Grass
Tower 35 1010, 4864 Manu Perception NOT: Grass
Tower 36 990, 4864 Raki Perception 3x garlic NOT: Grass, sand, Dirt
  • Cucumber, Watermelon & Pepper were tested with 1 water each growth spurt, at tower and away from tower to determine bonus.

Herb Key

Herb Seeds Page With Grids Tested Chart
T3 herbiculture guide

Once the herb a tower supports is known then the table will contain the full description, or "None" if it doesn't do any. Until then this key shows which foraging styles have not been tested.

1. Cut away the outer stem
2. Harvest the Root pith
3. Trim the Root fibres
4. Snip the leaf stems
5. Peel back the stem base
6. Scrape off the stem pith
7. Remove the Tap Root
8. Pick out the seeds
9. Crush the stems
10. Pluck the leaves
11. Squeeze out the sap
12. Scrape away the leaf hairs