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Test of the Bijou/Bastet

From A Tale in the Desert
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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta


  • Cut a Queen's Tomb Turquoise
  • Cut a Queen's Tomb Amethyst
  • Build a Scholar's Gem Cutting Table
  • Design a Challenge Cut and open it for Judging
  • Have 7 Judges Solve and Rate your Bijou
  • Design Rated Good by most judges
  • All of the above OR solve three recently winning bijou

Demonstrate the Principle

Demonstrated by Ari in Stillwater on 2010-08-02.


You need to have the Gem Cutting technology to do this test.

Scholar's Gem Cutting Table

Once the table is built, design a unique gem cut (no actual cuttable gems are required) and open it for judging.

Bijou Locations

  • Green for recognized (passed) puzzles (use "Gr" prefix on pin)
  • Red for unrecognized (unpassed) puzzles (use "Rd" prefix on pin)

Region Coordinates Designer Passed Remarks RL Date opened
Khmun -2084, -466 kastou No 2010-08-02
Saqqarah 805, -1024 Afrah No 2010-08-06
Saqqarah 805, -1017 Snoerr Yes 2010-08-02
Shabbat Ab 1306, 1825 Tewosret Yes 2010-08-06
Sinai 3223, 4383 Ari Yes 2010-08-02
Sinai 3223, 4384 Myn Yes
Stillwater 1394, 3089 Basmati & Reese Yes 2010-10-11
Stillwater 1381, 3156 Chet No 2010-08-02
Stillwater 1401, 3152 Aaragh Yes 2010-08-19
Shabbat Ab 1280, 1484 SimUser No 2010-08-19
Sinai 3224, 4389 Avanya No 2010-09-14

Recognized Bijous

Region Coordinates Designer Date Passed
Shabbat Ab 1306, 1825 Tewosret 2010-08-15
Sinai 3223, 4383 Ari 2010-08-08

Test Constructions that require judging