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Test of Retired Pirates/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of the Retired Pirates
  • Accumulate 777 Doubloons
Demonstrated by Ari in Shabbat Ab on 2010-08-02.

Please note: This is a new Test for Tale 4, being a monument Test designed by the players of Tale 3.

The Test of the Retired Pirate

by Hatnofret


A pirate captain and his crew decide to retire and distribute the treasure they "collected".

Playing the Test

  • Sign up at the university of leadership for the next round.
  • Lots of groups of 7 randomly selected players are created. One group member is randomly assigned to be the captain.
  • From the time the round begins, the captain or any of the crew members have 24 hours to construct a Ceremonial Ship. This is built from a small construction site and requires 100 boards, 1 sail, and 7 Papyrus Paper. Because the captain uses the ship to distribute the coins, it is highly recommended to allow the captain to construct the ship.
  • If a ship isn't built in 24 hours, the group is disbanded and everyone ends with 0 dubloons.
  • The captain has a treasure of 777 gold coins to distribute among the 7, anyway he wants to.
  • Each crew member should be assigned between 0 and 777 gold coins. Afterwards, the captain uses the "finalize" option. At that moment, a colored message in the group chat appears that the distribution is final and every crew member can see the share offered to him in his own test menu.
  • Once the distribution has been announced, the crew decides if they can accept the distribution.
  • If the captain can secure an absolute majority (51% or more) to vote for his decision, the split is final and the round ends. Voting for or against the share distribution is done in the players test menu. The captain must vote (presumably in favor) if he wants to count as part of the majority.
  • If a majority votes against it, the captain walks the plank (with 0 coins) to the sharks, a new captain is randomly appointed and the procedure starts over. Voting is over as soon as an absolute majority is reached or the time limit runs out. The player can change his vote as often as he wants while voting is open.
  • If there is a tie, one randomly selected group member is walking the plank (that could also be the captain).
  • The round ends when only one pirate is left or a majority agrees to the distribution.


  • The captain has to convince (at least) three crew members to vote for his distribution, but 777 can't be divided by 4.
  • Any group of 4 crew members can make the captain walk the plank and take over the treasure.
  • It's in the interest of the crew to get rid of a couple captains since it will increase their shares.
  • If only 2 pirates are left, the crew member has no reason to agree since he will get it all after the captain walks. Of course that can be used as an argument by the captain when only 3 are left.

Passing the Test

Each week, the owner of the most gold coins passes the test. ((I believe this will be included in Sunday passes. --Sefet))


  • Arrr! me hearties!
  • Quit or expired players automatically walk the plank but only after the ship is built.
  • It's up to the captain how much he tells each crew member about shares of the other ones. Of course they can talk to each other too.
  • When a player votes, the group chat displays "<Name> has placed his/her vote". There is no way to know the votes of other players, except by asking them.
  • Passed players can keep playing (like cartouche), and can even pass the test again.
  • The captain gets a maximum of 7 days to make a proposal to his crew. If he doesn't do it in this time, he walks the plank.
  • The crew gets a maximum of 2 days to vote on the proposal. After that, the votes are counted.
  • You cannot join a new group until your current one is finished.

Test Constructions that require judging