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Balance of Goods/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Balance of Goods
  • Build an Offering Vault
  • Place an item in the Vault
  • Place a second item in the Vault
  • Check your Vault's contents
  • Score at least one point
  • Check Score Details
Demonstrated by Saledo in Stillwater on 7/20/2010.

University Text:

  • You start the Balance of Goods. Build an Offering Vault and fill it with rare goods. The fewer other people use the same goods, the higher you score. Each week, 3 advance.

How it works

During the week you will put 1db of up to 200 items into the vault.

At the end of the week, each item you have put into the vault will be assessed with every other vault in the land. The more people that have put the same item into their vault, the less points you will receive. So the aim is to put in things that other people will not put into their vault. Therefore a 'rare' item that everyone puts in is worth less points than a 'common' item nobody put in.

For example, in the first week on the Bastet Shard, a Huge Quartz was put into the vault by so many people, it was worth just 1 point - in contrast 'common' items were worth much more - Mud was worth 5 points, Silt was worth 50 points, Flax was worth 250 points. So the time taken to get one Huge Quartz was worth just 1/250th of what one flax was worth. So it's not the most hard to obtain item, but what others don't put into their vaults.

Points are granted in order of popularity of placing that item into all vaults for that week, with them being worth 0, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250

When checking your score detail after passes have occured, items you had in your vault that earned 0 points will not be listed on your Score Detail.


  • You may place up to 200 items in your Offering Vault each week.
  • Most complex items (those with a : in the name) won't go into the vault.
  • You may not take an item out of the Offering Vault once it has been placed inside.
  • Items placed in the Offering Vault are consumed each week when passes are run.
  • After passing the test your Offering Vault turns into an Honour Vault which can hold 120000 items, this building can be guilded.

Test Constructions that require judging