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Test of the Formal Garden/Bastet

From A Tale in the Desert
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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

The Test of Formal Garden must be unlocked by someone who holds five hundred Orchid Bulbs of any kind, or any mixture of different kinds.

If you'd like to help grow orchids to unlock the test please update the table below with your info.

Orchid Bulb Tracking

Player Orchid Types Growing Total Orchid Bulbs On Hand
Set Shangri-La, Avalon 6
Oshibel Shangri-La, Avalon 4
Ashanu Shangri-La 1
Emmy Avalon 1
Ari Shangri-La, Avalon 10
Akiiki Shangri-La, Avalon 298

Test Constructions that require judging