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Test of the Plantation/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of the Plantation
Demonstrated by Afrah in Shabbat Ab on 2010-08-20.


Build a Plantation Headquarters and convince other people to tend your cocoa crops. Headquarters must be at least 2000 ft (about 125 coordinates) away from Chariot Stops, and 75 coordinates from other Plantation Headquarters. Cocoa must be planted within 1000 ft of the Headquarters.

Once you have your cocoa planted, you must notify your tenders that they've been selected to tend your trees. They can then tend the trees (harvest cocoa) every 12 RL (teppy) hours. Once the cocoa is harvested, it must be turned in by clicking on the Plantation Headquarters for the Plantation owner to get credit.

Passing the Test

Each plantation has a limited number of trees (initially 3 which you get when you sign up) allowed. Even if you have more cocoa seeds, you may not build more trees than your plantation is allowed. When you build a tree, you must designate a tender which can not be changed. Only the tender is allowed to harvest cocoa, up to once per 12 teppyhours. You may not designate yourself as a tender.

The plantation owner receives credit for cocoa harvested from their plantation and stashed there within the week. No benefit to cocoa traded for nor obtained from other plantations. No benefit for cocoa that is harvested but not stashed.

Each week, the top seven plantations advance. This ranking is determined by amount of cocoa harvested and turned in (perfect tending percentage is irrelevant). Advance three times to pass the test.

In addition, each week, perfectly tended plantations gain 3 additional cocoa seeds and the ability to grow three more trees. To be perfectly tended, each tree must have a different, unique, tender, and the tender must have collected and deposited at least 3 cocoa during the week. Also, the seven closest non-perfect plantations gain extra seeds. These extra seeds will be found by the tenders the next time they tend after perfect tending.


Gaining seeds is the only way to expand your plantation, so in the long run it is better to have different tenders getting, say, 3-5 cocoa per tree per week and growing, rather than the same tender getting 12-13 per tree per week and missing the perfect bonus.

It is reasonable to try to get perfect tending a number of weeks to grow, and then concentrate on maximum amount of cocoa harvested after that. For example, you may want to grow with unique tenders and perfect tending until you advance once, and then plant all of your next seeds for one specific player who can harvest 10-13 times in a week on all of the trees assigned to them.

If you are not getting new seeds because some of your trees are tended by now inactive players, if you ever want to grow, your only option is to mulch those trees, they are not getting you anything and they are preventing a perfect tending.


  • You only want 1 tree per tender. If you have more than 1 tree per tender, it no longer counts as "perfect," and you will not get more seeds. To count as "perfect" tends you need each tree in your platation to have a unique tender.
  • You will receive 3 seeds from the University automatically upon starting the test.
  • Mulching a tree kills that tree allocation ie. cannot plant replacement tree even if you have a spare seed
  • Not planting an earned seed lowers % towards perfect tend, eg had earned ability to plant 6 trees but only planted 5, all 5 were tended the minimum(3x) that week and all cocoa turned in but plantation only earned 83.3% perfect tending- 1/6th lost.
  • If you try to plant more trees than your plantation allows, it will not let you (you do not lose the seed, just cannot plant it).
  • You can immediately plant additional trees (if you have the seeds) after weekly advances - you do not need to wait for a tender to find a seed (only relevant if you have a source of seeds)

Test Constructions that require judging