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Test of the Kingmaker/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of the Kingmaker
  • Register as a Demi-Pharaoh candidate
  • Participate in three rounds of Demi-Pharaoh elections
  • Make Three Forecasts as Kingmaker
Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.


In the Test of the Kingmaker, you will try to predict, and even influence, who will win such elections.


  • Register as a Demi-Pharaoh candidate (at a Voting Booth, not the University)
  • Participate in three rounds of Demi-Pharaoh elections (see below)
  • Make Three Forecasts as Kingmaker (at a Voting Booth)

After completing the principles, you must visit a voting booth to claim your accomplishment and level.

Demonstrate the Principle

Be a lawmaker.


New for Tale 4, becoming a Demi-Pharaoh does not give a test pass. Instead, players must forecast which players will win the DP elections.

  1. Your goal is to predict who will win the DP election. Previous election guesses do not continue forward, they are for the election chosen only.
      • It appears that predictions are for a person *and* an election. So, for instance, if you choose Fred for the next election, and Fred becomes DP five elections from now, you score no points. Conversely, if you've already selected someone for the next election, but you see that Fred is in the final DP group, selecting him for Kingmaker will score you zero points even if he's elected. - Fugue

As of this writing, passings will take place on Sundays. Teppy announced to change it to directly after the DP election once he is confident in the pass code. There will be 3 passes after each DP election. To pass the test you need to collect points. There is a new option to voting booths to let you see past expectations that gave you points, and future expectations.

Scoring is based on 1000 points for being the first to correctly expect the winner, then 875 for being #2, 777 for being #3, and so on. Quote from system chat log: "For math geeks: The general formula is 7000/(place+6)"

So the Test of the Kingmaker is one of the competitive passes.

Demi-Pharaoh Info

Details on how to become a Demi-Pharaoh as well as information on elections can be found on the Demi-Pharaoh page.

Test Constructions that require judging