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Test of the Library/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of the Library
  • Build a Library
  • Add 14 Books
Demonstrated by Ari in Sinai on 2010-08-07.

Wahim's Story Message

You have shown that you do not shy away from hard work, but to truly know the Discipline of Architecture, you must be able to command projects beyond what you can do with your own hands. A true architect can marshal others to assist with the work, building what no individual can.

However, by next challenge for you is not to build a great monolith - I have a more refined challenge for you: Build a Library and convince others to fill it with their knowledge. If your Library is one of the most complete in the land, then you will pass my Test and yours shall be known as one of the Libraries of Alexandria!


Built on a Medium Construction Site

Books for your Library

Once you have built your library you can start filling it with books. To do this simply click on the library and click "Author Book". You can add a book to your own library. Players can author as many books as they want but can only place one book in any library unless the library expands. They don't need to be signed up for the test to author books. Sometimes a player will be unable to author a book for a library due to hash functions: the message they get is a bit misleading, since it doesn't mention a hash issue, but a lack of shelf space (Sorry, but the shelves are getting full. Come back once this library has been expanded). Library owners might think they need to wait till they get an advance, so they can expand the library (see below), instead of looking for more people to author books for them.

Each book costs:-

This test brings with it a new "Achievement"; "Author A Book".


Each week, the owners of the three largest libraries (with most books) pass the test. The owners of the next seven largest libraries get an option to expand their libraries. Once expanded, prior authors can now add an additional book.

Note: Teppy has repeatedly lowered the number of passes. As of June 27th, there was just one pass and one expansion per week.

Expansion Costs

Expanding the library changes the graphics. A second set of shelves is added to the front of the library and an ornate sculpture is placed between the shelves. At this time, it's not know whether there is a second possible expansion.

Test Constructions that require judging