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Test of the Raeli Mosaic/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Fracture brittle Raeli Tiles into unusual shapes, and fit them together to form a handsome mosaic. Your fellow Egyptians will judge you both on Color and Composition.


  • Build a Raeli Oven (optional)
  • Start the oven Dredging
  • Begin the Baking Process
  • Interrupt the Baking Process before the tiles are Black
  • Build a Raeli Mosaic
  • Tear down your Raeli Mosaic OR do the following:
    • Have Seven Judges rate your Raeli Mosaic
    • Design rated Good by most judges
  • You do NOT need to add tiles to the mosaic after building it, if you plan to tear down for priciple credit. You will get back materials based on your salvage skill

Demonstrate the Principle

To unlock the test requires:

Demonstrated by Saledo in Saqq on 2010-07-08.


Mosaic Locations

  • Green for recognized (passed) Gliderports (use "Gr" prefix on pin)
  • Red for unrecognized (unpassed) Gliderports (use "Rd" prefix on pin)

Region Coordinates Designer Passed Remarks
Stillwater 1663 x 3750 Muriel Yes
Stillwater 1396 x 3081 Magdelena No
Stillwater 1389 x 3087 Avanya Yes
Saqqarah 715 x -895 Catote Yes
Sinai 3230 x 4385 Mutnodjmet Yes
Sinai 3230 x 4385 Ari No
Sinai 3230 x 4385 RedOmen No
Shabbat Ab 1305 x 1830 Tewosret No
Shabbat Ab 1330 x 1620 Ana No
Shabbat Ab 1204 x 1481 Larame No

(BallRd) 1305, 1830, Tewosret - Shabbat Ab 1305, 1830

Test Constructions that require judging