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Test of Towers/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of Towers
  • First Tower Type
  • Second Tower Type
  • Control 7% of Egypt
Demonstrated by Lerlila in Saqqarah on 2010-03-03.

The Test of Towers is a test in the discipline of Architecture.

University Text:

The Hour of Towers occurs about once per three (Egypt) days. The schedule for the next seven Hours of Towers is shown at all Universities of Architecture. When the hour arrives, build any number of Towers across the land. You control all land that is closest to one of your towers. Control an amount of land equal to all of Egypt to pass the Test of Towers.
Hint: Since you only have 20 minutes to place your towers, contract with others to build for you. Be sure to transfer ownership before the end of the Hour of Towers.

The Hour of Towers schedule appears on the in-game calendar, not the University of Architecture.

Each Hour of Towers uses just one of the types of towers. At the end of the hour, the towers disappear. Any towers you own at the end of the hour count towards your cumulative total control of Egypt. The percentage you earned during that hour will be shown in a message in Main. Your total earned for all time can be seen in the Test menu.

The Towers are built in a Medium Construction Site (2 canvas, 8 rope) and are only available on the build menu during one of the hours that a Hour of Towers is active.

The Top 14 Scorers in any particular Hour of Towers get to apply all of the percentage points they scored that round to their total. Any other participants only get to add one seventh of their percentage points to their total.

Tower Types

There are seven kinds of towers. Each type requires a demonstration of materials.

Solid Land Tower

Rich Soil Tower

Hand of Man Tower

Living Land Tower

New Life Tower

Racing Mind Tower

Night Tower

Passing the Principle

Monumental Towers

As a reward, once you've passed, you can build monumental towers. They look the same as the standard towers, but they don't disappear. You may only build one monumental tower of each type. After building, you can reposition them once.

Rich Soil (after you get 100%)

Solid Land (after you get 110%)

Hand of Man (after you get 140%)

Living Land Tower (after you get 200%)

Racing Mind Tower (after you get 300%)

New Life Tower (after you get 500%)

Night Tower (after you get 700%)

Test Constructions that require judging