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Principles of Art and Music/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Principles of Art and Music

Note: this was copied from T4 main and needs to be confirmed.

Build a sculpture, open it for judging and receive 21 "Interesting" votes.

  • Make Rope
  • Make Linen
  • Build a Sculpture Base
  • Add first item to sculpture
  • Add 2nd item
  • Add 3rd and more items
  • Open for judging
  • Tear down your sculpture OR do the following:
    • Receive 21 Interesting Votes
    • Claim your rights as an Initiate of Art & Music (at your sculpture).

NOTE: You must have completed the first seven tasks before you can claim your Initiation by votes or tearing down.

Once you pass the principle, you will gain a level and will also be able to sign up for the seven Tests of the Art & Music discipline (provided that you meet the level requirements).


A sculpture costs:

Demonstrated by Tunnen in Stillwater on 21-Feb-2010

Test Constructions that require judging