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Test of the Obelisk/Bastet

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Test of the Obelisk
Demonstrated by Ari in Sinai on 2010-02-26.

The Test of the Obelisk is a test in the discipline of Architecture. Passing the test requires that you build the largest obelisk of its kind in your Region and hold the title of "Largest Obelisk" for a given time.

You can find out the heights required for the various kinds of obelisk in your current region by choosing "Meditate on Obelisks" from you "Tests" menu.

WARNING: Building an obelisk and disassembling it will still register in the obelisk history for the region, and anyone else building the same obelisk type will have to build a bigger one than the disassembled type to pass the test.

Obelisk Types

There are seven kinds of obelisks. Each type requires a different level of Obelisk Construction.

Passing the Principle

The principle can be passed with a simple size 7 Desert Obelisk. It requires:

NOTE: You can disassemble your obelisk after building it and passing the principle, with no loss of materials apart from the construction site.

WARNING: You won't be able to disassemble or salvage it if you have passed the test with it or after an unspecified period of time. (Looks like 2 teppy-days, from the message I got. - Akilan)

Build Queues

Many regions have a build queue which they maintain. Some consider it polite to check whether such a queue exists before building another obelisk in that region, and consider violating the queue a form of griefing. Others contend that queues game (cheat) the system.

 When you build your Obelisk, please add a timer script showing when it will be complete:

Test Constructions that require judging