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Test of Octec's Ghost/Bastet

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When you start the test, you are told:

The goal of this test is to complete the Statue of Octec's Ghost. The first step is to built it using a small construction site. The second step is to activate it.
Internally, the Statue of Octec's Ghost is a peculiar machine. Turning it on requires 20 devices called the called the Crystal Hieroglyphs. You must obtain all 20.
Over time, the Schools of Architecture will provide you with 12 Crystal Hieroglyphs. Unfortunately, all 12 will be the same. You need 20 hieroglyphs which are all different from each other to activate the statue. You will have to trade for the Hieroglyphs that you need.


Build a Statue of Octec's Ghost and fill it with 20 crystals to pass the Test of Octec's Ghost.

There are 20 different types of Octec crystal, and you must install one of each in the statue to complete the test. When you begin the test at a University of Architecture, you will be given two crystals and can pick up two more at the School of Architecture.

Once per 24 hours, you may request crystals from a School of Architecture, up to 4 more times, for a total of 12 crystals. All the crystals you receive will be of the same type. You will need to trade with other players to complete your set of 20.

Build Costs

A Statue of Octec's ghost is built at a small construction site, and requires the following:

Crystal Types

The 20 crystal types are (from t1 wiki):

  • Amen Ra
  • Anubis
  • Bastet
  • Bes
  • Buto
  • Dua
  • Hapy
  • Hathor
  • Horus
  • Isis
  • Maat
  • Min
  • Montu
  • Osiris
  • Set
  • Shu
  • Sobek
  • Taweret
  • Thoth
  • Wepawet

Crystals trade

You can also try the Crystal Exchange

Player Has for trade Need
Saledo Isis (5) Anubis, Sobek
Jhaerek 2 Montu, 1 Taweret Set, Shu
Draim Maat All but Maat, Horus, Montu, Wepwawet, Taweret
AdrianConrad Dua All but Dua, Hathor, Min, andWepwawet
Myn Bes(1),Horus(3),Min(4), Bastet, Buto, Hapy, Montu, Shu, Wepawet
Amethyst Buto All except Buto, Taweret, Dua, Montu
Chet Isis, Hathor, Anubis, Bes, Hapy, Min, Set, Shu, Sobek,
Bryce Isis, Hathor, Anubis, Bes, Hapy, Min, Set, Shu, Sobek,
Xspell 1 Sobek, 1 Dua Bastet, Isis, Min, Set, Shu, Wepawet
Emmy Amen Ra Anubis ,Bastet, Bes, Buto, Dua, Hathor,Horus, Isis, Maat, Min, Set, Shu, Sobek,Taweret
Fluclo Hathor Amen Ra, Anubis, Bastet, Bes, Buto, Dua, Hapy, Horus, Isis, Maat, Min, Montu, Osiris, Set, Shu, Sobek, Taweret, Thoth, Wepawet
DuncanM Hapy All
Mesi + Usi Bes (3), Hathor (1) Anubis, Isis, Sobek, Wepawet
Zahariel Horus (1) Anubis
Valerium Buto Amen Ra, Anubis, Bes, Dua, Hapy, Hathor, Set, Shu, Sobek, Taweret
ModeSix Hapy All except Bes, Shu
Muriel Taweret, Montu Bes, Shu, Anubis, Bastet, Buto, Dua, Hapy, Horus, Maat, Min, Sobek, Wepawet
Soldano Taweret Bes, Hapy, Hathor, Montu, Shu, Sobek
Saxamon Bes, Buto, Hapy, Hathor, Shu, Taweret, Thoth Any
Zovacor Horus All
Gaia / w4p Bastet, Montu All except Bastet, Bes, Montu, Osiris
Bezurn / Magdelena Amun Ra (1), Horus (1) Set
Tamonayl Amen Ra All
Neido Thoth All
Blueshift Shu All
Bahiti Set All except Osiris

Test Constructions that require judging