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Sanctuaires de pèlerinage/Coût de sanctuaires

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Table des Coûts selon l'offrande

Offrande Type de marbre Verifié
Abdju Fish Onyx ---
Acid Yellow Alabaster
Acorn's Cap Mushroom Tangerine Marble ---
Aluminum Night Granite
Aluminum Ore Grey Star Marble
Antimony Night Granite ---
Antimony Ore Blue Pearl Marble
Anvil Bed Yellow Alabaster
Ash Blood Granite ---
Ball Peen Hammer Rose Alabaster
Barley (Raw) Leopards Paw Marble ---
Barrel Tap Angels Stone
Baskets Mud Granite T6N.png
Bauxite Mountain Mable
Basic Fly Rod Oyster Shell Marble T6N.png
Bearings Mountain Marble
Beeswax Island Blue Marble ---
Boards Canary Granite T6N.png
Brass Night Granite ---
Brass Plate Grey Star Marble
Brass Pot Rose Alabaster
Bricks Oyster Shell Marble T6N.png
Bronze Blood Granite
Cabbage Mountain Marble ---
Cabbage Juice Blood Granite ---
Cabbage Seeds Yellow Alabaster ---
Camel Meat Yellow Alabaster
Camel Milk Rose Alabaster
Cactus Sap Mountain Marble ---
Candle Mountain Marble
Canvas Onyx T6N.png
Carp Fish Cherry Travertine ---
Carp Meat Yellow Alabaster T6N.png
Carrot Seeds White Alabaster
Carrots Green Sun ---
Catfish Hornets Wing Granite ---
Cement Ghost Granite
Charcoal White Alabaster ---
Chicken Meat Island Blue Marble
Chives Angels Stone
Chromis Fish Onyx
Cinnamon Island Blue Marble
Clay Tangerine Marble ---
Clay Bricks Serpentine Marble ---
Clay Dome Island Blue Marble
Clay Lamp Oyster Shell Marble
Clay Mortars Grey Star Marble
Clinker Mud Granite ---
Coal Lepards Paw
Cobra Blood Tangerine Marble
Cobra Skin Tangerine Marble
Coconut Meat Serpentine Marble
Coconut Water Hornets Wing Granite
Coconuts White Travertinele
Common Basil Blood Granite T6N.png
Common Sage Green Sun Marble
Concrete Island Blue Marble ---
Copper Night Granite ---
Copper Ore White Alabaster
Copper Sheeting Green Sun Marble
Copper Straps Hornets Wing Granite
Copper Wire White Travertine
Crushed Egg Shell Blue Perl Marble
Cut Stone Blue Pearl Marble
Cuttable Amethyst Tiger Eye Granite
Cuttable Citrine Ghost Granite
Cuttable Jade Night Granite
Cuttable Lapis Angels Stone
Cuttable Stone Mud Granite ---
Cuttable Sunstone Green Sun Marble
Cuttable Turquoise Oyster Shell Marble ---
Crucibles White Alabaster ---
Dates Serpentine Marble
Dirt Cherry Travertine
Dowsing Rod Green Sun Marble T6N.png
Dried Flax Blue Pearl Marble
Dried Papyrus Night Granite ---
Dung Ghost Granite ---
Dwarf Hogweed Mud Granite T6N.png
Empty Wine Bottles Canary Granite ---
Eggs Hornets Wing Granite
Female Rabbits Yellow Alabaster
Female Sheep Angels Stone
Firebricks Tangerine Marble ---
Fish Oil Onyx T6N.png
Flax Angels Stone
Flint Tangerine Marble ---
Flystone Blood Granite ---
Fool`s Agar Serpentine Marble ---
Fumitory Oyster Shell Marble ---
Garlic Seeds Hornets Wing Granite
Glass Pipe Serpentine ---
Glass Rods Fire Rock ---
Gold Hornets Wing Granite
Gold Ore Blue Pearl Marble
Gold Wire Angels Stone
Grain Fertilizer Tiger Eye Granite ---
Grass Fire Rock T6N.png
Grilled Cabbage Ghost Granite T6N.png
Grilled Carrots Green Sun Marble
Grilled Fish Cherry Travertine
Grilled Onions Canary Granite T6N.png
Grilled Pepper Canary Granite T6N.png
Heavy Mallet Mud Granite
Hazelwort Mountain Marble T6N.png
Hen Grey Star Marble
Honey Hornets Wing Granite ---
Huge Quartz Fire Rock
Ibis Feathers Canary Granite
Iron Fire Rock
Iron Bars Angels Stone
Iron Knot Mushroom Yellow Alabaster
Iron Ore Ghost Granite
Iron Poker Ghost Granite ---
Iron Pot Blood Granite
Joy of the mountain Yellow Alabaster
Jugs Iron Blue Marble T6N.png
Large Diamond  ?
Large Emerald Hornets Wing Granite
Large Quartz Mountain Marble
Large Ruby Island Blue Marble
Large Sapphire  ?
Large Topaz Island Blue Marble
Leather Fire Rock ---
Lead Tigers Eye Granite
Lead Chisel Tigers Eye Granite
Lead Ore Green Sun Marble
Leeks Mud Granite ---
Lime Fire Rock?
Limestone Tangerine Marble ---
Linen Tiger's Eye Granite T6N.png
Lint Blood Granite
Leek Seeds Tigers Eye Marble ---
Male Rabbits Onyx
Male Sheep Oyster Shell Marble
Magnesium Tigers Eye Granite
Magnesium Ore Hornets Wing Granite
Medium Diamond Fire Rock T6N.png
Medium Emerald Onyx T6N.png
Medium Quartz Grey Star Marble
Medium Ruby Fire Rock T6N.png
Medium Sapphire Blood Granite T6N.png
Medium Stone Hornets Wing Granite
Medium Topaz Blue Pearl Marble
Meteor Fragment White Travertine
Mountain Mint Oyster Shell Marble ---
Mud Granite Grey Star Marble ---
Mutton Tigers Eye Granite ---
Nail Mould Grey Star Marble
Nails Night Granite T6N.png
Octec's Alloy Oyster Shell Marble T6N.png
Oil Hornets Wing Granite ---
Onions Ghost Granite ---
Onion Seeds Blue Pearl Marble ---
Oxyrynchus Fish Tigers Eye Granite
Oyster Shell Marble Cherry Travertine ---
Pale Dahamasa Island Blue Marble ---
Palm Frond Angels Stone ---
Papyrus Mountain Marble ---
Papyrus Seeds(hf) Tangerine Marble ---
Pinch Roller Mountain Marble
Perch Fish Ghost Granite ---
Platinum Ore Cherry Travertine
Potash Onyx ---
Pulley White Travertine
Quicksilver Hornets Wing Granite
Red Sand White Travertine
Rooster Night Granite
Rope Cherry Travertine T6N.png
Rotten Fish Ghost Granite T6N.png
Rotten Flax Mountain Marble T6N.png
Sail Angels Stone ---
Salt Tangerine Marble
Saltpeter Serpentine Marble ---
Sand Spore Mushroom Hornets Wing Granite ---
Sheet Glass Oyster Shell ---
Silver Blue Pearl Marble
Silt Green Sun Marble
Slate Angels Stone
Slate Shovel Fire Rock
Small Barrels Blood Granite
Small Diamond  ?
Small Emerald  ?
Small Quartz Yellow Alabaster ---
Small Ruby Mud Granite
Small Sapphire Ghost Granite ---
Small Topaz Canary Granite
Soda Leopards Paw Marble ---
Straw Grey Star Marbile T6N.png
Strawberry Tea Grey Star Marble ---
Sulfur Onyx
Sulphurous Water Tigers Eye Granite
Sun Steel White Alabaster T6N.png
Tadpoles Cherry Travertine ---
Tar Onyx
Thorns Blood Granite
Thoth's Metal Cherry Travertine T6N.png
Thyme Cherry Travertine
Tilapia Fish White Travertine
Tin Hornets Wing Granite ---
Tin Ore Night Granite ---
Tiny Clover Gray Star Marble
Toadskin Mushroom Oyster Shell Marble ---
Tow Serpentine Marble ---
Tungsten Tangerine Marble
Tungsten Ore Onyx
Twine Tiger Eye
Water in Jugs Tangerine Marble T6N.png
Water Metal Cherry Travertine T6N.png
Watermelon Seeds Ghost Granite T6N.png
Wet Clay Jugs Onyx
White Sand Fire Rock
White Travertine Fire Rock ---
Wood Grey Star Marble
Wooden Peg Hornets Wing Granite
Zinc Tangerine Marble
Zinc Ore Island Blue Marble